Piaggio Ape Calessino 200

Ape Calessino, naturally striking

The Ape Calessino is a special vehicle and unique in its kind thanks to the special details that are available worldwide
recognizable icon. The inimitable design, which fits perfectly with modern neo-vintage
trend, is just one of the reasons why Ape Calessino now, more than 70 years after its introduction,
continues to emotional and surprise, not only in terms of driving experience, but also in the eyes of the spectator. Together with
the sleek lines of the rear enhance the nude-look wheels

This model is only second hand available , ask for our latest stock.

Product specificaties

Engine                      4-stroke, petrol injection
Max Power              14,6 Nm at 2.250-2.500 rpm
Engine capacity     197 cc
Max. Speed             60 km/u
Dimensions             L2.70 x H 1.85 x W 1.37
Number of seats    driver + 2 passengers