Our creativity and craftmanship make from an Italian Piaggio a real Boscarrelli

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Ape as Eyecather

With its sympathetic and idiosyncratic character, the Ape can be used excellently for advertising purposes

Ape as mobile catering point

Whether it is the sale of coffee or ice cream, for example ... your Piaggio ensures that your product sells

Ape for transport

Work material in and on the Piaggio and you have the perfect combination between work bus and advertising medium

As a chef, I immediately fell in love with Italian cuisine. My first kitchen on wheels had to and would become a Piaggio with a wood oven. Together with the people from Boscarrelli I have put together the, for me, perfect Piaggio

- Jan Albert

Tutta Italia

The history of Piaggio

Ape: A story of Italian excellence, a world legend!


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Repair and maintenance

For all repairs and maintenance to your Piaggio you have come to the right place with our professionals

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And then there is the coffee. What is a coffee bar without a tasty cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso?

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Whether it is supplying equipment or Piaggio's, maintaining your Piaggio or transporting your Piaggio, our professionals are always there for you!


We bring your Piaggio from point A to B for you

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Pizza ovens

We supply various sizes of gas or wood-fired pizza ovens from the brand Fornino

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