We have been making entrepreneurs happy with a custom-made Boscarrelli for years. There are many models around the world and we are proud of that.
Below you will find a selection of the options. We are open to all ideas; from small to large, from easy to complicated. We would like to invite you to our showroom for an informal conversation.



Boscarrelli 50


The Ape50 makes everyone smile. No matter what you sell, your Boscarrelli will make it fun. An AM driving license is required for this little moped.

The Ape50 can be used for various applications; sale of coffee, wine, beer, sandwiches. You can’t think of it as crazy or we will make it for you.

But of course the Ape50 is also a perfect advertising tool. The Piaggio in a striking color with your logo on the wings, no one can ignore it


Boscarrelli 200


With its strong 200cc petrol engine, the Calessino whizzes over the road.

The design and lines of the Piaggio Ape Calessino look back to the 1960s. The feeling of Italy; La Dolce Vita!

The original version is equipped with a rear seat for 2 passengers. With a worktop and wing doors, we turn it into a real Boscarrelli. We can also put together the Calessino for you as you wish. This casanova is a real eye catcher


Boscarrelli 400


Nostalgia: Ape Classic is the most nostalgic Piaggio with its authentic appearance.
Strong: Due to its load capacity of 600 kg, it can easily be converted with a heavier construction.
Powerful: The 400cc strong diesel engine makes the small tricycle extremely strong.

The Classic is available as a Fly version, with a low construction, in an extended version or as a Walk-in. A food truck, mobile point of sale, advertising / promotional vehicle, the Classic can be used for many purposes


Route from Ape to Boscarrelli

Route from A(pe) to Z

Buying a Boscarrelli is not a new pen that is bought. A whole plan of preparations, research, etc. is attached to this


We start with a first acquaintance and find out what your wishes are. This introduction can be done by telephone or in our showroom

We translate your wishes into a quotation and this is adjusted until we have found the perfect composition together

3D drawing

After approval of the quotation, a down payment invoice is sent and the perfect composition is translated into a 3D drawing. After this, changes can of course be made to the design. After we have received an agreement on the 3D drawing, we will start building your Boscarrelli


During the construction of your Boscarrelli we will keep you informed of the process via whats app or email. About a week before delivery we will send you the invoice for the last part of the payment. We then make an appointment for the delivery date