Boscarrelli 400 Fly Icecream

In our workshop we convert the Piaggio Ape Classic400 Pick-up into the most exclusive ice cream truck.
This model is available from € 15.995 excl. VAT

Product specificaties

Motor                  Single cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
Max Power         6,20 Nm at 3.600 tpm
Engine size        435cc
Max. Speed       45km/u
Dimensions       L3200x H1950x W1500

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Icecream                              Icecream



What is fitted as standard in the Boscarreli 400 Fly Iceream?

The following products are included in the icecream version

Insulated polyester ice bucket

Ice tray specially tailored for the Boscarrelli 400 Fly. Equipped with a stainless steel suspension system for 12x5 liter ice buckets. (note: cooling motors are not included, you can order these as an option)

Ice tray holders

In the ice bin we mount 4 stainless steel rods which can carry a total of 12x 5 liter containers of ice

Stainless steel / inox Folding lids

We mount 4 beautiful stainless steel folding lids on top of the isolated ice bucket

Spoon tray with water tank

Spoon tray with water tank for cleaning the ice cream scoop

Hatch in right side

Hatch in right side under worktop (63cm x 30cm)

3D graphic design worth € 300, -

We make a realistic 3D design of the Boscarrelli with your chosen layout and options

What can you order as an option?

We can also build in the options below. This is just a selection of the many possibilities

Active cooling

Forced air cooling

In the insulated polyester ice bin we mount two freeze evaporators that blow the cold air over the ice by means of 4x fans

AGM Accu + 25Amp charger

AGM batteries are more resistant to total discharge. especially when your battery is regularly completely drained, this battery will last many times longer

Refrigerated display case on worktop (220V)

Refrigerated display case which we install on the worktop so that only the display case and not the cooling motor is visible. Note: only works on 220V



By default you can choose between lighting in different places; in the ceiling of the superstructure. in the left and right wing or a combination of both. Of course your ideas are also welcome

Lights in Wing

We can mount lights in the wings


Side "hang" table

Side "hanging" table in stainless steel, this can be attached to a corner of the worktop by means of a weld-on hinge. Up to 4 are possible

Weld-on hinge (suspension point for e.g. table)

Stainless steel welded hinge which is welded to the frame during construction. Hinge can also be used for eg Beach flags or a Display

Rack for weld-on hinge

Rack which can be hung on a welded hinge

Extendable table

Extendable table

Cabinet in wing with sliding doors

Handy extra storage space, cabinets mounted in the side wings with sliding doors which are provided with chalk paint. Do not forget the lighting in the side cover with this option so that your chalkboard is also beautifully illuminated at night

Water / sanitary

Ice cream scoop shower

Ice cream scoop shower

Larger clean water tank +/- 75L

We install a larger water tank for clean water than the standard 15L

Waste water tank under vehicle, removable

With this facility, the waste water is collected

Roof racks

Roof rack on cabin

We mount this beautiful roof rack on the roof of the cabin

Roof rack on cabin, Wood

The roof rack is fitted with wooden slats, for an even more original look

Roof rack on sales unit with wooden elements

Roof rack on sales unit with wooden elements

Wheels and tires

White tire set of 3 pieces

To give your Ape that old look

Complete rim in color

The complete rim powder coating in the color of your choice. Combinations of colors are also possible

Color and appearance of the sales unit

Chrome moldings and chrome mirrors

Chrome moldings and chrome mirrors

Front fenders as with Calessino

We fit new mudguards with a classic look. Please note: if you choose this, the entire underside of the front must be repainted. this because of other mounting holes

Spray front underside

In order to be able to mount the chrome headlights and new fenders, we have to seal some holes and remove supports. After this, we paint the underside of the cab's front again in the color

Inside Polyester wings in other RAL color

Make a difference by providing the inside of the wings in a different color

Long version 200cm

Instead of the standard construction of 177cm, we make a construction of 200cm long

Cabinet in wing with sliding doors

Handy extra storage space, cabinets mounted in the side wings with sliding doors which are provided with chalk paint. Do not forget the lighting in the side cover with this option so that your chalkboard is also beautifully illuminated at night

Design with logo etc

We can label your Boscarrelli however you would like. This in consultation with our advertising agency

Windshield on wing door

We make a windshield on the wing side and front. So that your drawer is out of the wind or rain

Color of the Ape

The Ape is available in 2 different colors

The Ape CLassic is available as standard in the colors white and blue. One desired RAL color can be chosen for the construction, this color is included in the standard price. If multiple colors have to be used, an additional cost will be charged

Chassis / cabin refinishing in RAL color

With this option, we spray the outside of the cabin and the chassis in a desired RAL color

Chassis / cabin interior and exterior spray painting in RAL color

We not only spray the outside in a desired RAL color, but can also spray the entire inside of the booth

Complete vehicle refinishing in two tone or metallic color

The complete Piaggio can be painted in a metallic color or multiple colors can be used and color accents can be applied