Boscarrelli 50 Fly Barista

The Boscarrelli 50 Fly Barista “THE ORIGINAL” is the ultimate tool for the professional barista. Thanks to our many years of experience, you are assured of an extremely reliable vehicle without starting problems. This model is available from €14.995,- excl. VAT

We can deliver this Barista 50 Fly version from € 14,995 excl. VAT

Product specificaties

Engine                    2-stroke petrol (with automatic petrol / oil mixture)
Max Power            1.9 kW at 6,000 rpm
Engine capacity    49.9 cc
Max. Speed           38km / h *
Dimensions           L2.75 x H1.83 x B1.33

* maximum speed depends on load

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What is fitted as standard in the Boscarreli 50 Fly Barista?

The following products are included in the barista version

Watertank 53L + pump and accessories

30 PSI water pump, 10.6 liters with pressure switch, pipes, taps and ± 53 liters water tank of clean water, filler cap and pipes

Stainless steel / Inox Coffee whisk tray

This strong knock-out drawer can hold a lot of coffee grounds

Reinforced springs

We install reinforced springs for more stability and to compensate for the extra weight on the vehicle

Power connection, sockets and fuse box

220V sockets, 2 above and 2 below the worktop with 1 fuse box with 2x 16Amp under the vehicle, we install 2 connections (not in combination with inverter)

3D design

We make a realistic 3D design of the Boscarrelli with your chosen layout and options, Normal price €495,-

What can you order as an option?

We can also build in the options below. This is just a selection of the many possibilities



By default you can choose between lighting in different places; in the ceiling of the superstructure. in the left, right wing or a combination of the possibilities. Of course your ideas are also welcome

Drawers and doors

Cooling drawer black or white, 30L

12 / 24v DC, energy efficient compressor cooling drawer. Temperature can be set to -2C

Stainless steel / Inox drawer with lock

This beautiful drawer with a lock can also be used as a cash drawer. Cash register deposit can be taken separately

Cup dispenser 2 pcs

In these cup dispensers you can store cups of 56-81mm

Hatch in the side 62x35cm or 125cm x 35cm

Hatch in the side under worktop of 62x35cm or 125cm x 35cm


Side "hang" table

Side "hanging" table in stainless steel, this can be attached to a corner of the worktop by means of a weld-on hinge. Up to 4 are possible

Weld-on hinge (suspension point for e.g. table)

Stainless steel welded hinge which is welded to the frame during construction. Hinge can also be used for eg Beach flags or a Display

Rack for weld-on hinge

Rack which can be hung on a welded hinge

Water / sanitary

Stainless steel / Inox sink with tap and drain

Stainless steel / Inox rectangular or round sink with tap and drain. Dimensions rectangular sink 30x24x20cm

Double sink with tap in the middle

Double sink with tap in the middle

Milk jug cleaner

With this built-in cleaner you can clean your milk carafe in no time

Waste water tank under the vehicle, removable

With this facility, the waste water is collected

Water tank height meter

Meter with display to easily see how much water is left in the clean water tank

Brita Purity water softener

Brita Purity water softener

Electricity and Mobility with gas

Power inverter 12v-230V inverter + Deep Cycle battery + charger

When you choose this option, you are also mobile when no electricity supply is available. Then choose a coffee machine that can run on both gas and electricity. You get: 12v-230V 850 amp inverter + semi traction battery

Insulation monitoring

This adjustment in the electrical system ensures that the power from the inverter is switched off in the event of a short circuit

Gas tank adjustment in loading floor for gas bottle

Gas tank adjustment in the loading floor for mounting a 40 cm high gas bottle

Gastank polyester Bennegas

Gastank polyester Bennegas

Music and media

LCD touchscreen (Tablet) in the front cove

LCD touchscreen (Tablet) for video and/or photo in the front cove

Radio and speakers in salesunit

Radio / CD player in cabin, 4 speakers, radio holder in cabin, antenna, radio / CD with MP3 connection and the installation thereof. 2 speakers in the sales unit and 2 speakers in the cabin

Four-tone air horn with melody

With such a sound on the Ape you are recognizable to everyone from afar!

Alarm with remote control

We assemble an original Piaggio Alarm with remote control

Roof racks

Roof rack on cabin

We mount this roof rack on the roof of the cabin. We can also make it in the color of the body

Roof rack on cabin, Wood

The roof rack is fitted with wooden slats, for an even more original look. This can be supplied in any desired RAL color

Roof rack on sales unit with wooden elements

Roof rack on sales unit with wooden elements. This can be supplied in any desired RAL color

Color and appearance of the sales unit

Wood look on the side and on the middle cove

Wood look on the side and on the middle cove

Chrome moldings and chrome mirrors

Instead of the standard black frames and mirrors, we mount chrome frames and chrome mirrors

Spraying of plastic parts of the cabin high-gloss smooth

For a more classy look, we can have all plastic parts on the cabin painted in the color of your choice

Front bumper, silver, black or color of unit

Front bumper, silver, black or color of unit

Tinted side windows

We can supply the side windows with tinted glass, from light to very dark or reflective

Spray (cooling) drawer (s) in RAL color

Spray (cooling) drawer (s) in RAL color

Roof rack in color

Roof rack in color

RVS front voor koellade

Stainless steel front for cooling drawer

Inside Polyester wings in other RAL color

Make a difference by providing the inside of the wings in a different color

Stainless steel / Inox fore cove

We make the front cove where the electricity sockets come from stainless steel

Cabinet in wing with sliding doors

Handy extra storage space, cabinets mounted in the side flaps with sliding doors which are provided with chalk paint. Do not forget the lighting in the side cover with this option so that your chalkboard is also beautifully illuminated at night

Design with logo etc.

We can label your Boscarrelli however you would like. This in consultation with our advertising agency

Motor adjustments

Conversion to electric drive with Lithium Battery

We have the Ape converted with a brushless 2.5 kW electric motor. The battery is of the lithium polymer type and has a capacity of 2.75kWh, the low weight of 25kg makes it easy to remove and charge at home, for example. The top speed of the electric Ape is 40km

100cc Powerpack

Powerpack 100 and reinforced clutch Consisting of: 100cc Dr Cylinder and Piston which have been specially developed for the Piaggio Ape. 16 Tooth Pinasco sprocket for lower revs at higher speed and a Sito sports exhaust for more power. With this Powerpack 100 a speed of approximately 52km p / h is reached. * Note: Acceleration is only allowed on a Circuit, so officially not for use on public roads. Manufacturer's warranty always lapses when increasing * No rights can be derived from specified speeds, the final speed partly depends on many factors such as tire pressure, weight, brakes

Wheels and tires

White tires set of 3 pieces

White tires set of 3 pieces

Complete rim in color

The complete rim powder coating in the color of your choice. Combinations of colors are also possible

Other products

Level system

With this levelsystem, you can easily level the APE 100% stable. Very important when you have a coffee machine placed on the Ape, this will level the machine

Parasol at the back

We can mount a half parasol at the rear of the Ape

Fixingpipe on roof

We weld one or more supports on the roof so that you can mount a parasol or a billboard, for example

Rain cover (price per section)

With this rain cover, which is easy to apply, you can stay dry in the rain. Example on photo consists of 2 sections

Coffee machines

Contempo 1 group Machine (electric)

Contempo 1 group Machine (electric)

Contempo 2 group, semi-automatic (electricity and gas)

Contempo 2 group, semi-automatic (electricity and gas)

Contempo 2 goup, electric

Contempo 2 goup, electric

Contempo 2 goup, electric (electricity and gas)

2 group coffee machine dual fuel so can be used on both electricity and gas

Retro 1 group handel (electricity and gas)

Retro 1 group handel (electricity and gas)

Retro 2 group handel (electricity and gas)

Retro 2 group handel (electricity and gas)

Connecting your own coffee machine

We install your coffee machine, connect it to the water and adjust it if desired


Grinder K3 Polished

Our best-selling bean grinder

Grinder K3 on demand Polished

Always freshly ground coffee, with this grinder you grind per portion

Grinder K6 Polished

Grinder K6 Polished

Color of the Ape

Standard color

The Ape is available in the following colors as standard Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Lime, Gray

Spray cabin

The total price of the Ape includes painting the sales unit and the Piaggio in a standard color. We can also refinish the cabin with any desired RAL color. You can choose between spraying the outside of the cabin or spraying the inside and outside (completely) of the cabin. An additional charge is charged for spraying in a metallic or pantone color or spraying in two tone