Boscarrelli 400 Fly Walk-in

The roof of this Boscarrelli can be raised to 2 meters by means of an electrically driven hydraulic pump. The extendable floor ensures that in addition to built-in equipment, you also have enough space to stand.
The Boscarrelli 400 Fly Walk-in is available from € 25,995 excluding VAT

Product specificaties

Motor                  Single cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
Max Power         6,20 Nm at 3.600 tpm
Engine size        435cc
Max. Speed       45km/u
Dimensions       L3.20 x H1.95 x W1.50

What is fitted as standard in the Walk-in?

The following products are included in the walk-in version

Hydraulic extendible roof

The Roof will is extendible up to 2 meter, a electric hydraulic system will make sure this happens within 15 seconds.

Kitchen compartment

inside the unit we make a aluminium kitchen compartment wit a stainless teel worktop and 3 doors.

Sliding door on left side

The left floor is sliding out. on this frame we kan make any showcase you would like (up to 400kg)

Slide-in backdoor

The back door is made of aluminum and slides together. Door has a stainless steel closure with lock

Backdoor step

Under the backdoor we make a little step, for easier access

What can you order as an option?

We can also build in the options below. This is just a selection of the many possibilities



By default you can choose between lighting in different places; in the ceiling of the superstructure. In the left and right wing or a combination of both. Of course your ideas are also welcome

Drawers and doors for fixed Kitchen compartment (right side)

Stainless steel moneydraw with lock

This beautiful lockable draw can also be used as a money draw.

Double big drawer

Double big drawer

Double drawer with big drawer for bottles

Double drawer with big drawer for bottles

Three big drawers

Three big drawers

Drawer Fridge Waeco CoolMatic, black or white, content of 30L

Fully hermetic compressor, Low voltage protection for battery, 12/24V DC, Min. Temperature -2C

Kitchen equipment sliding out (left side)

Refrigerator in White 120L with 4 drawers (55CM)

Proffessional Freezer (80 litre) with 4 drawers, capacity 10kg in 24 hours

Refrigerator in White 130L with glass door (55CM)

Professional Fridge (130L litre) with 4 grids,

Freezer in White 80L with 4 drawers (55cm width)

Professional Freezer (120 liter) with 4 drawers, capacity 10kg in 24 hours

Cooling Table with 2 doors (90cm width)

Professional cooling table with 2 doors.

Cooling Table with 3 doors (136cm width)

Professional cooling table with 3 doors.

Cup dispensers

In this Cup dispencers you can fit cups of 56-81mm

Water / Sanitary

Square stainless steel sink with watertap and drain (square)

Square stainless steel sink with watertap and drain (square)

Watertank 53L + pump and accessories

30 PSI Waterpump, 10,6 liter with pressure switch, pipes, taps and approx. 53 liter fresh watertank, fillingcap

Waste watertank, removable

With this tank the water will be collected under the vehicle.

Brita Purity profesional water filter

Brita Purity profesional water filter

5 liter hot water boiler

5 liter hot water boiler


Electric connections, 1x 10Amp fusebox

220V Poweroutlets 2 on top and 3 under work counter, with 1x 10Amp fusebox.

Electric connections, 2x 16Amp fusebox

220V Poweroutlets 2 on top and 3 under work counter, with 2 x 16Amp fusebox. Choose this option if your going to use more then 2500Watt of electric equipment.

Petrol Generator Dometic 2,6Kw

This 2.6 kW petrol generator gives you 230 V AC whenever mains power is unavailable. Compact and lightweight, it operates quietly and very efficiently. The clean sine wave voltage it provides makes it suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

Mobility with electricity or gas

Inverter and rechargable battery + Charger

If you choose for this option you will be mobile when there is no electricity supply available. (If you going to sell coffee please choose a coffeemachine which is working both on gas or electricity) You will receive: gas preparation 12V - 230V inverter 1600W + AGM battery + charger

Gasbox for gas bottle

The adjustment for the mounting of the gastank

Gastank polyester Benegas

Not available in foreign countries as the tanks are different in each country


Roofcarrier on cabin roof

On the roof of the cabine we mount this authentic carrier with or without wooden wiles

Roofcarrier on backunit

Original roofrack on backunit equipt with wood tiles.

Appearance front + salesunit Classic

Chrome headlights and chrome lines Ape Classic

Chrome headlights and chrome lines Ape Classic

Fender of Calex for the Classic

We will mount a more Classic looking fender. Attention: Downsite of the fender must be repainted if you choice this option. because of the different mounting holes

Inside gullwings in different RAL color

We can make the insidecolor of the gullwings in a different Ral color then the outside of the wings.

Wheels and tires

White wall tires, set of 3

To give your ape the classic look.

Wheelrims in color

Wheels powdercoated in RAL color of your choise

Walk-in special modifications

Glas border 12cm high

We will make a border of glass of about 12cm high.


We will make a rack with wood and black steel for pots etc. (watch out, needs to be dismantled before lowering the unit)

Custom made cover around equipment on left side

We will make a cover around and above the equipment you will have on the sliding site (left) of the vehicle.