Boscarrelli 400 Fly Basic

The Boscarrelli 400 Fly basic is, as the name suggests, the basic version from which all models (can) be assembled.
This model is available from € 14.495 excluding VAT


Product specificaties

Motor                  Single cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
Max Power         6,20 Nm at 3.600 tpm
Engine size        435cc
Max. Speed       45km/u
Dimensions       L3.20 x H1.95 x W1.50

What is fitted as standard in the Boscarrelli 400 Fly Basis?

The following products are included in the basic version


The Ape has 2 flydoors which are painted in any desired RAL color

Stainless steel worktop and stainless steel tailgate with the function of worktop

Stainless steel worktop of 1.43x1.50 m with a back cover which can be used directly as a worktop when you open the cover

What can you order as an option?

We can also build in the options below. This is just a selection of the many possibilities



You can choose between lighting in different places; in the ceiling of the structure. in the left and right wing or a combination of both. Of course your ideas are also welcome


Coolingdrawer black or white, 30L

12/24v DC, energy efficient compressor refrigerator drawer. Temperature can be set to -2C

Refrigerated display case on worktop

Refrigerated display case which we install on the worktop so that only the display case and not the cooling motor is visible

Freezer with glass door on worktop

Freezer with glass door. Different sizes are possible

Drawer with stone worktop +/- 40x120cm

Extendable drawer with stone or stainless steel worktop, to be used as a distribution counter. +/- 40x120cm

Fridge with sliding glass doors

Fridge with glass doors which we can build into the worktop

300L fridge with stainless steel doors

Specially made-to-measure stainless steel refrigerator with a door on both sides of the Piaggio. The refrigerator can also be converted into a freezer

Stainless steel / Inox drawer

Dimensions inside drawer: 32x11x37cm WxHxD Drawer is also available as a cash register drawer with lock or knock-off drawer

Cupdispensers 2 pcs

In these adjustable cup dispensers you can store cups from 56-81mm

Large stainless steel / Inox drawer

Drawer dimensions: 44x30x46cm WxHxD

Small hatch

Small hatch mounted in the side

Hatch in the side

Hatch in side under worktop. Dimensions 63cm x 30cm or larger hatch of 130x30cm

Cabinet in wing with sliding doors

Handy extra storage space, cabinets mounted in the side flaps with sliding doors which are provided with chalk paint. Do not forget the lighting in the side cover with this option so that your chalkboard is also beautifully illuminated at night

Adjustments to stainless steel / INOX worktop

Adjustment in worktop of 1 or 2 GN

We make an adjustment in the frame and the worktop of +/- 60x50x20cm or +/- 90x50x35cm so that you can place a grill or fryer

Bain-Marie build-in (electric/gas)

In the worktop we make a recess where an electric Bain-Marie will be placed where the temperature can be regulated by means of a thermostat. The bain-marie is also available as a gas version

Partition wall on worktop

We make a partition wall on the worktop


Weld-on hinge (suspension point for e.g. table)

Stainless steel welded hinge which is welded to the frame during construction. Hinge can also be used for eg Beach flags or a Display

Side "hang" table

Side "hanging" table in stainless steel, this can be attached to a corner of the worktop by means of a weld-on hinge. Up to 4 are possible

Rack for weld-on hinge

Rack which can be hung on a welded hinge

Water / sanitary

Stainless steel / Inox sink with tap and drain

Stainless steel / Inox sink with tap and drain (round or square)

Extendable stainless steel / Inox sink with tap

Extendable stainless steel / Inox sink with tap

Water tank 53L + pump and accessories

30 PSI water pump, 10.6 liters with pressure switch, pipes, taps and ± 53 liters water tank of clean water, filler cap and pipes

Larger water tank

We assemble a larger water tank. Size and content can vary

Waste water tank under the vehicle, removable

With this facility, the waste water is collected

Brita Purity water softener

Brita Purity water softener

Hot water boiler 5 liters

With this 5 liter water boiler you are provided with hot water. Works on 220v and therefore does not work in combination with gas

Electricity and Mobility with gas

Electrical connections + 10 Amp fuse box

220V Sockets, 2 above and 2 below worktop with 1 fuse box of 10Amp

Electrical connections + 16 Amp fuse box

220V Sockets, 2 above and 2 below worktop with 1 fuse box of 16Amp

Electrical connections + 2x16 Amp fuse box

220V Sockets, 2 above and 2 below the worktop with 1 fuse box with 2 separate groups of 16Amp

Power connections 380V / 32A Amp fuse box

380V connection, Sockets 2 above and 4 below the worktop with 1 fuse box for 380V - 32A

100 Amp Semi-traction Battery + 10Amp Battery Charger

For when you want to be able to use the lamps and fridges when there is no power available

115 Ah AGM Battery + 25Amp Battery Charger

AGM batteries are more resistant to total discharge. especially when your battery is regularly completely drained, this battery will last many times longer

Electric power 12v-230V 1000watt

When you choose this option, you are also mobile when no electricity supply is available. We assemble a 1000Watt inverter / charger with a 115Ah AGM battery. Note: Max 1000Watt

Electric power 12v-230V 2000watt

Same as the 1000w version, only now we mount a 2000Watt inverter with a 115Amp AGM battery which is charged by a 15Amp fully automatic battery charger Note: Max 2000Watt

Gas tank adjustment in loading floor for gas bottle

Gas tank adjustment in the loading floor for mounting a 40 cm high gas bottle

Gas tank polyester Bennegas

Gas tank polyester Bennegas, lightweight and transparent so you can see how much gas is in it

Appearance of the cabin

Chrome moldings and chrome mirrors

Chrome moldings and chrome mirrors

Front fenders like Calessino

We fit new mudguards with a classic look. Please note: if you choose this, the entire underside of the front must be repainted. this because of other mounting holes

Drawers spray in RAL color

The different drawers can be painted in any desired RAL color

Inside wing doors in a different color

We can make the inside of the Polyester wings in a different RAL color than the outside

Design with logo etc.

We can label your Boscarrelli however you would like. This in consultation with our advertising agency

Roof racks

Roof rack on cabin

We mount this roof rack on the roof of the cabin. if necessary, we can also make it in the color of the body

Roof rack on cabin, Wood

The roof rack is fitted with wooden slats, for an even more original look

Roof rack on sales unit with wooden elements

Roof rack on sales unit with wooden elements

Wheels and tires

White tire set of 3 pieces

To give your Ape that old look

Complete rim in color

The complete rim powder coated in the color of your choice. Combinations of colors are also possible

Colors Piaggio and constructure

The Ape Classic is available in 2 different colors

The Ape Classic is available as standard in the colors white and blue. One desired RAL color can be chosen for the construction, this color is included in the standard price. If multiple colors have to be used, an additional cost will be charged

Chassis / cabin interior and exterior spray painting in RAL color

We not only spray the outside in a desired RAL color, but can also spray the entire inside of the cabin

Complete vehicle refinishing in two tone or metallic color

The complete Piaggio can be painted in a metallic color or multiple colors can be used and color accents can be applied