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Boscarrelli 50 Fly Game

This game Boscarrelli is equiped with three 50 inch screens and three smaller screens in both flywings.

Brand: Piaggio
Type: Ape50
Year of construction:  March 2014
Mileage:  50 km

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Piaggio Ape Classic XL pizza

This Ape Classic from 2011 was converted into a true Pizza factory in early 2021. Due to its long wheelbase and strong water-cooled diesel engine, we have been able to provide this Piaggio with a 200 cm long superstructure which is equipped with many options.

Brand:     Piaggio
Model:   Classic Diesel
Year of construction:  Jul 2011 (back unit 01-2021)
Mileage:  9.382 km

License : L5E


Piaggio Ape Classic - market cart

This Ape Classic from 2010 has been used for the sale of soft ice cream

Brand:     Piaggio
Model:   Ape Classic Diesel
Year of construction:  Aug 2010
Mileage:  2.290 km

License: L5E